General information

The use of the Qookie Cube spring cradle motor can be divided into three different functions.

  1. Normal Operation: Normal operation is the most commonly used feature of the Qookie Cube. The motor gently rocks the baby's cradle and your baby and then switches off automatically after a predetermined time.

  2. Scale operation: The Qookie Cube is the world's only motor with a built-in scale. So you can determine your child's weight at any time while he or she is lying peacefully in the bassinet.

  3. Calibration: We do our best every day, but for various reasons the Qookie Cube scale may not be accurate. If you feel that this is the case, you can easily calibrate the scale yourself.

Please note that assembly may only be carried out by adults.


The Qookie Cube spring cradle motor has three controls, a small screen and a few other components that we would now like to briefly explain and introduce.

  1. Screen: There is a small screen on the front of the Qookie Cube. This displays information about the operation or shows you the weight of the baby.

  2. Timer switch: The top switch is used to set the weighing duration.

  3. Intensity switch: The middle switch is used to adjust the weighing intensity

  4. Scale switch: The lower switch is used to use the built-in scale.

  5. Suspension: The Qookie Cube has two metal eyelets for suspension. One on the top and one on the bottom.

  6. Pull rope: The pull rope on the underside is used to drive the spring cradle and keeps it moving.

  7. Power connection: The Qookie Cube is delivered with its own power supply. This is inserted into the top of the Qookie Cube.


Before the Qookie Cube can be used, the hammock should be completely assembled and checked for proper function. You can also find the instructions for setting up the Qookie Swing on our website or as a video on our YouTube channel.

If you use a hammock from another manufacturer, please read the relevant instructions carefully and make sure that this hammock is compatible with the Qookie Cube.

Unpack the Qookie Cube and place it near your pre-assembled bassinet. You don't need the power supply yet.

The spring cradle should be attached above the metal spring with a carabiner to the ceiling bracket, wall bracket, teepee frame or other bracket. Unhook the hammock at this point and lay it on its side for a moment.

The Qookie Cube is now hung directly on the existing holder using the upper suspension. Please make sure that it is not hanging on a chain, but is attached directly to the holder.

Now you can take the spring cradle again and hang it on the lower suspension of the Qookie Cube. The metal spring of the swing cradle must be attached directly to the Qookie Cube. Here, too, there should be no chain in between, because the Qookie Cube's pull cable may be too short and the motor could be damaged.

Finally, carefully pull the pull rope out of the Qookie Cube and hook it into the triangular carabiner, the swivel or directly into the lower end of the spring.

Make sure that the pull rope can move freely and is not caught somewhere or rubbing against a sharp edge on the snap hook. This could damage the rope and possibly even break it. Depending on how the spring is attached or where you have hung the pull rope, it may be that noises are made when operating the hammock because the rope hits the fabric or the spring very slightly. If this noise bothers you, try hanging the pull rope in a different place or pass it through the spring guard.

Last but not least, you should connect the motor to the power. Please use the included power supply. For example, run the power supply cable along the stand to the floor or attach it to the ceiling and walls if you have chosen a different type of attachment.
Make sure that the cable is not near the bassinet and that your baby cannot grab the cable with their hands. There is a risk of injury if your child pulls on the power supply.

Normal operation

You have successfully completed the construction of the Qookie Cube and the Qookie Swing. Now the relaxing part begins and you want to gently rock your baby to sleep. It doesn't take much anymore.

You should briefly check that all three rotary switches are turned all the way to the left. Then place your baby in the bassinet and turn the timer switch to the right. You will feel a little resistance and a short click. Now the Qookie Cube screen should turn on and display our logo.

If the logo remains visible on the screen for more than a few seconds, then you haven't turned the timer switch far enough. In this case, simply turn it further to the right. Shortly afterwards the logo will disappear and the screen will show you the weighing duration and intensity. The motor will then immediately start rocking your baby. You don't have to nudge the hammock, the Qookie Cube does it all by itself.

Please wait a little. You will see how the vibration of the swing cradle changes at the beginning and becomes stronger. After a few moments, the spring cradle weighs completely evenly. If you want a stronger vibration, turn the intensity switch further to the right. Please turn the switch slowly while watching the screen. You will see the intensity number increase.
Slowly approach the desired intensity and see what your baby likes best. The heavier your baby is, the higher you will need to set the intensity.

If you want to turn off the Qookie Cube, simply turn the timer switch all the way to the left until you feel the click again.
Next time you can simply turn on the Qookie Cube and leave the intensity switch in the last position used. The Qookie Cube will automatically select the right intensity and lull your baby to sleep as usual.

Scale operation

The special thing about our Qookie is the built-in scale. This patented function offers you the opportunity to determine your baby's weight at any time and, above all, in a carefree manner.

At the beginning of each weighing, the bassinet should be empty and your baby should not be in it. Turn all the switches all the way to the left and then slowly turn the timer switch to the right so that the Qookie Cube turns on. Unlike normal operation, you should not turn the timer switch any further after clicking. The logo should be permanently visible on the screen.

Now slowly turn the scale switch to the left to position 1 until the logo disappears from the screen. You will then receive instructions on the screen for the next steps.

Next, empty the swing cradle and slowly turn the scale switch to position 2. It then takes a short moment because the motor determines the weight of the swing cradle and calibrates itself automatically.

When the corresponding message appears on the screen, place your baby in the bassinet. You will see that the displayed weight changes from time to time. Be patient here for a moment and let your baby lie in the bassinet for a few seconds. The motor takes several measurements and determines your child's weight. Even if the child moves, it will not affect the measurement and the result will be as accurate as usual.

When the screen finally only shows the word “Weight:” and the corresponding number at the bottom, the weighing is complete. You can now either take your child out of the bassinet or rock him or her to sleep automatically and gently.

After each weighing, turn all rotary switches completely to the left again and switch off the motor briefly. You can turn it back on and use it immediately, but you should still turn it off very briefly so that the motor knows that weighing is complete.


You can recalibrate the scale of your Qookie Cube at any time. The instructions for this will follow shortly.

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Care instructions

Gently wipe the cube with a damp microfiber cloth. Always make sure that no moisture penetrates into the interior of the cube. Do not use aggressive cleaning agents.