Hello dear moms and dads!

Glad you found our site and want to find out more about us. We know how overwhelming being new parents can be. You definitely want to do everything right and give your little miracle complete safety and security.

That's why we founded Qookie Baby . Our goal is to give you the support you need to make parenting a little easier. From our experience as parents, we know how important it is to have the right information, resources and advice during this special time. Qookie Baby offers you exactly that!

Our vision as a family business: From parents for parents

We are Anna and Robert - two passionate parents of a wonderfully chaotic patchwork family. We are committed to creating beautiful, sustainable and long-lasting baby products. Anna had already gained experience with baby products and therefore quickly noticed that bassinets made from baby sling fabrics were still missing on the market. Robert joined her with the idea of ​​an innovative cradle motor, and together they worked to create the unique Qookie product family.
Qookie Baby has now established itself as a modern, sustainable and balanced family business in the heart of the Rhine-Main area. Our commitment to sustainability and impeccable baby comfort ensures that our products are manufactured in an environmentally friendly way and meet the special needs of your sunshine. With our commitment to giving you the best for baby and the environment, you can trust that Qookie Baby is the perfect choice for your family.

Our products and company philosophy: There is heart behind it

With us you get more than just beautiful swing chairs. We offer you the support you need to overcome the first challenges with your baby. We're here for you when you need a break - because being a mom or dad 24/7 is not only exciting, but can also be incredibly stressful.

Our bassinets are made with the utmost care and attention to detail - from the bright, artistic designs to the robust, child-safe suspension from a frame or ceiling fixture. In our Qookie complete set, your darling is completely protected so that you can take a break and recharge your energy for the special moments with your little one.

Get to know Qookie in person

With Qookie Baby you have the certainty that you are not alone on your journey with your darling. Let us help you make it a little easier.