General information:
The following instructions serve as a basic description of how to put on the baby carrier. Further details and a video to make it easier to understand will follow soon.
If you have difficulty putting on your carrier or are unsure whether you are doing everything correctly, then it is best to contact our customer service via WhatsApp: 06107-9360-790
We also recommend personal advice from a trained babywearing consultant in your area. They can explain all the advantages and disadvantages of the different carriers and will be happy to help you choose and use your carrier.
1. To ensure that the child is in a correct squatting and spread position in the baby carrier, the bridge must always extend from the back of the knee to the back of the knee. To do this, the width of the bridge should be adjusted before putting it on. As a rule of thumb: the width of the bridge is approximately baby's body length divided by two. In individual cases, adapt to the stature of the baby. Check regularly whether the width of the bridge still corresponds to the size of the baby and widen it if necessary.
2. Put the pre-adjusted baby carrier around you with the strap facing outwards.
3. Close the buckle until it clearly clicks into place. Tighten the hip belt.
4. Place the baby on the hip belt at head-kissing height. The bridge should extend from the back of the knee to the back of the knee.
5. Pull up the back piece...
6. ... and place the straps on your shoulders. Support your baby alternately with one hand.
7. You now have both shoulder straps hanging straight down.
8. Reach under the first beam and grab the one opposite. Pull it downwards diagonally.
9. Repeat on the other side. To do this, you switch hands and now hold your baby with the hand in which you have the first carrier.
10. Now you have both carriers in your hands.
11. Bring the straps forward under the baby's legs.
12. Now hold the straps at the front under your baby's bottom.
13. Tie a double knot under the bottom. (Alternatively, you can cross the straps under the bottom, bring them back under the baby's legs and tie a double knot there.)
14. Check that everything is seated correctly:
- Mouth and nose free?
- Are you wearing it tight enough?
- Back part high enough?
- Straps well fanned out on the shoulders and back?
- Head kiss height?