General information

The construction and assembly of the Qookie Swing swing hammock takes place in three simple steps:

  1. Preparation: Unpack all the required parts of the hammock and have them ready. Get an overview of the individual parts and decide on a type of fastening.

  2. Assembly: Put the individual parts together and prepare everything for subsequent assembly. Also attach the ceiling mount or set up the stand.

  3. Assembly: Hang up the spring cradle and, if necessary, the motor. Prepare the lying surface for your baby and enjoy your little one's peaceful sleep.

Please note that assembly may only be carried out by adults.

Preparation of the individual parts

The Qookie Swing hammock can be attached to both concrete and wooden ceilings. For further mounting options, please see the instructions for the corresponding holder. The lateral distance to other objects and walls should be approx. 70 cm.
If you are unsure, please instruct qualified specialists to assemble your hammock.

  • Ceiling mount:
    Prepare a suitable drill bit (12mm stone or 5mm wood).
    You will also need the included eyebolt and possibly the included universal dowel for a concrete ceiling.
  • Spring and chain:
    Have the spring including the safety rope and the included carabiner hooks and chain ready. You also need the spring protection and the chain bag.
  • Spring cradle:
    Get the Qookie Swing bassinet and the included mattress ready.
    You will also need the wooden stick including the two cords supplied and the triangular screw carabiner.

Assembly of components

  • Ceiling mount (concrete ceiling):
    Drill a hole in your ceiling at the position where you will later hang the hammock. Please drill at least 60mm deep with a 12mm drill.
    Insert the universal dowel completely into the drilled hole and screw the eyebolt about 60mm deep into the dowel.
    Attach the extension chain to the eyebolt with a snap hook and let the chain hang down.

  • Ceiling mount (wooden ceiling):
    Drill a hole in your ceiling at the position where you will later hang the hammock. Please drill about 30mm deep with a 5mm drill.

    Screw the eyebolt directly into the drilled hole. The screw-in depth should be at least 40mm.
    Attach the extension chain to the eyebolt with a snap hook and let the chain hang down.

  • Spring and chain:
    The Qookie special spring for babies weighing 3-15kg comes with a pre-assembled safety rope. Please check whether the safety rope runs through the entire spring and protrudes sufficiently on both sides.

    Attach a carabiner to one side of the spring and thread the safety rope through the carabiner. Attach a carabiner hook and the swivel to the other side of the spring. Here too, the safety rope must be guided through the carabiner.

    Then insert the spring into the spring protector provided so that the carabiner hooks are visible, but the spring itself is enclosed in such a way that no fingers can get caught in the tensioned spring. Put the chain bag aside again. You will need this in the next step when the individual components are assembled.

  • Spring cradle:
    Lay the Qookie Swing bassinet flat on a table with the opening of the mattress pocket facing you and the buttons undone. You can now place the mattress flat in the mattress bag. Make sure that the mattress does not form waves and extends into the corners of the mattress bag. Now fasten the button at the opening so that the mattress cannot slip out.

    Take the triangular screw carabiner and screw it on. The spring cradle should now be gradually threaded into the carabiner. Due to the high-quality material of the Qookie Swing hammock, you will find that the size of the carabiner is just enough to hold the folded fabric.

    Put the wooden stick aside again. You will need this in the next step when the individual components are assembled.

Assembly and use

  • Connect ceiling mount & spring:
    In the last step you have already installed the ceiling bracket and attached the extension chain. Now take the pre-assembled spring and attach it to a link in the chain.
    Hook the spring into the chain with the single snap hook facing upwards. The swivel should hang downwards and be at a height of around 180cm above the ground so that the spring cradle has sufficient ground clearance later.
    Part of the extension chain will probably hang down next to the spring. This excess chain part could interfere later when using the hammock or even hang into the hammock. Therefore, take the chain bag and thread the excess chain links into the bag. The bag can be easily tied up with the cotton cord and then attached to the upper end of the spring.

  • Hang up the hammock:
    Take the pre-assembled spring cradle and hook the triangular carabiner into the swivel at the bottom of the metal spring. You may need to adjust the fabric of the cradle slightly so that the cradle mattress hangs straight and centered under the spring.

  • Attach wooden stick to the spring cradle:
    Now take the wooden stick and thread the fabric of the spring cradle into the wooden stick on both sides. The wooden stick should hang straight and about 40cm below the swivel.
    Use the two cotton cords and thread them through the holes at the end of the wooden stick. Please tie the cords tightly with a double knot so that the fabric of the cradle cannot slip out and your child cannot reach or open the cords.

  • Using the spring cradle:
    Now that you have successfully assembled and set up the hammock, you can use it at any time and give you and your child a break.
    Please place your child carefully on their back in the bassinet. Your baby's head should always point towards the closed end of the cradle and be towards the headboard. If you wish, you can also close the foot end of the hammock with the sewn-on buttons. Your child will then feel even more secure.
    After you have placed your child in the spring cradle, please always check whether the mattress has made waves so that your child can lie comfortably. Continue to check that your child's neck and head are in a natural position and are protected.

  • Use with motor:
    To use the hammocks with our patented Qookie Cube hammock motor, please read the instructions carefully at the following link:
    Instructions - Qookie - Cube

Care instructions

The Qookie Swing cradle bag can be washed in the washing machine at 30°C. The filling of the included mattress is made from 100% sheep's wool and should therefore not be machine washed. If necessary, please have the mattress cleaned by a specialist company.

Spring cradle: