Frequently asked Questions

Qookie Swing - swing hammock

When can I start using a spring cradle?

The Qookie Swing hammock is suitable for newborns from birth (approx. 3 kg) and can be used up to the age of approx. 1 - 2 years or 15 kg.

How long can you use a hammock?

You can use our Qookie Swing hammock immediately after birth and will definitely enjoy it for the first 12 months.
How long you can use the swing chair afterwards depends entirely on your child. There is no problem up to a weight of 15kg.

Which is the best hammock?

Spring cradles from different manufacturers are all very similar and differ essentially in material, design and workmanship.
At Qookie we only use woven jacquard fabric made from organic cotton. This is particularly soft and comfortable. That's why this material is usually used for slings.
We also attach great importance to modern design and high-quality workmanship.
If you are unsure whether our hammock is the right one for you, then simply rent it for a month and see our product for yourself.

How long does the hammock swing without a motor?

Of course, you can also use our Qookie Swing hammock without a motor. How long the spring continues to swing depends on the momentum triggered and the weight of the baby. On average, the Qookie Swing hammock swings for 1-2 minutes.

Are spring cradles safe for the baby's back?

When your baby is born, it doesn't have a straight spine like us adults. The spine stretches steadily over the first 12 months of life and is complete when the child begins to walk.

A rounded back is particularly important in the first months of life and not only helps the baby to relax, but also relieves the pressure on the sensitive spine.
The shape of the spring cradle is based on this back shape and therefore the use of a spring cradle is absolutely harmless.

The Qookie Swing hammock allows your baby to sleep healthily thanks to the back-friendly shape with the ergonomically rounded lying surface that your baby knows and is used to from the womb.

Can I let my baby sleep in the bassinet overnight?

Even if a spring cradle is not considered a complete replacement for the bed, in principle there is nothing wrong with using the spring cradle at night. For example, if the baby is struggling with colic or teething problems, has a growth spurt, finds it difficult to fall asleep and sleeps worse than usual, you can place the Qookie Swing bassinet directly in the bedroom, just like the extra bed, and give your baby and you parents the strenuous time Make nights easier.

Qookie Cube - spring cradle motor

How loud is the Qookie Cube?

When developing our Qookie Cube Motors, we paid particular attention to ensuring that it was particularly quiet and we are proud that we succeeded.

How long can I leave the Qookie Cube running?

Make the duration of use dependent on your baby's condition: If he or she feels comfortable in the Qookie Swing bassinet, he or she can stay in the bassinet for a little longer; there is no general rule.

How do I use the scale in the Qookie Cube?

At the beginning of each weighing, the bassinet should be empty and your baby should not be in it. Turn all the switches all the way to the left and then slowly turn the timer switch to the right so that the Qookie Cube turns on. Unlike normal operation, you should not turn the timer switch any further after clicking. The logo should be permanently visible on the screen.

Now slowly turn the scale switch to the left to position 1 until the logo disappears from the screen. You will then receive instructions on the screen for the next steps.

Next, empty the swing cradle and slowly turn the scale switch to position 2. It then takes a short moment because the motor determines the weight of the swing cradle and calibrates itself automatically.

When the corresponding message appears on the screen, place your baby in the bassinet. You will see that the displayed weight changes from time to time. Be patient here for a moment and let your baby lie in the bassinet for a few seconds. The motor takes several measurements and determines your child's weight. Even if the child moves, it will not affect the measurement and the result will be as accurate as usual.

When the screen finally only shows the word “Weight:” and the corresponding number at the bottom, the weighing is complete. You can now either take your child out of the bassinet or rock him or her to sleep automatically and gently.

After each weighing, turn all rotary switches completely to the left again and switch off the motor briefly. You can turn it back on and use it immediately, but you should still turn it off very briefly so that the motor knows that weighing is complete.

Can I use the Qookie Cube on the go?

You can also take the Qookie Swing hammock and the Qookie Cube motor with you on the trip. However, as a precaution, we would advise you not to pack the engine in your hand luggage, but in your suitcase. Please note that you may need a power socket adapter when abroad.

Shipping & Returns

How long does delivery take?

Our products are usually dispatched within 1-3 working days.

As soon as the goods have left our warehouse, you will receive a corresponding confirmation by email including a tracking number.

How big and how heavy are the packages?

We ship the cots and motors together. The package only weighs a few kg.

If you order a frame, you will receive it in its own package. The package weighs approx. 12kg and is approx. 110cm long.

How can I return something?

If you don't want to keep a product for any reason, you can easily return it to us.

You can use the shipping service provider of your choice and simply send the goods to us.

Or you contact us and we will create and send you a return label for DPD.

Whenever you return something, please always make sure that you include our delivery note so that we can assign the goods to you and process your refund as quickly as possible.

What do I do if I have a complaint?

If you have a problem with one of our products, just contact us. In most cases we can solve the problem without having to ship the products to us unnecessarily.

Write us an email to:
Or whatsapp to: 06107-9360-790

Do you have any other questions?

Please contact us by email at:
You can also reach us via WhatsApp at: 06107-9360-790