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Buy Qookie baby spring bassinet online – including mattress & ceiling attachment (optional with frame & motor)

Our goal was to create a sleep paradise for babies that is as close as possible to the natural habits of a newborn. For nine months, your little darling was used to a certain position and a certain movement. With our Qookie hammock we want to give your darling this feeling again so that he or she can feel completely relaxed and safe. A spring cradle helps to make the first few weeks in the big wide world as comfortable as possible for your little one.

Safe, healthy baby sleep thanks to the Qookie hammock

In the Qookie Swing, your baby feels safe and secure, even if you are not carrying him or her directly with you. Our hanging cradles are made from pure organic cotton and are therefore particularly gentle and soft for sensitive baby skin. The fabric is dyed using a natural process and without harmful substances and then woven into a robust, high-quality fabric. The pattern is woven directly into the cotton fabric - this gives the Qookie Swing its unique look.

We deliver our spring cot including mattress. This has a rounded lying surface and is therefore very back-friendly for your sweetheart. The rounded back is incredibly important in the first months of life and helps your baby relax. At the same time, the spine, head and torso are protected and stabilized in this posture. The healthy sleeping position in the cradle prevents your baby from getting a flat head, as is often the case when they lie on their back for hours.

The spring bassinet with motor and frame ensures happy babies and rested parents

The little ones love being carried by their parents and gently rocked up and down. This movement is reminiscent of the safe and protected time in the womb and has a very calming effect. Ourcomplete set of spring cradles imitates this rocking movement and lulls your little one into a natural, peaceful sleep. In addition to the baby cradle, the set also includes a motor and a frame . Thanks to the spring cradle frame, the Qookie Swing has a secure hold and the low-noise motor ensures a consistent rocking movement. Even restless babies can find peace here. This also gives you as a mom or dad a little break to breathe deeply and rest.

Here's what you should pay attention to so that your darling is safe and comfortable in the bassinet:

  • No replacement for the baby bed: Lying on a soft surface for too long is not good for a baby's back. It is therefore best to put your little one in a baby bed at night.
  • Please note weight restrictions: Our Qookie hammocks can withstand a weight of around 15 kg. We cannot guarantee a secure hold for anything beyond this.
  • Take the child's size and weight into account: If you notice that your little one is tossing and turning restlessly and can no longer stretch out comfortably on the mattress, you should look for another sleeping option.
  • Do not put pillows or blankets in it: Never put pillows or blankets in the hanging crib. This will prevent your little one from getting too warm or getting tangled and having trouble breathing.

  • Further general information as well as detailed instructions for assembling and operating our Qookie Swing can be found here .

    Buy the high-quality Qookie baby cradle including mattress and ceiling suspension online now

    Qookie Baby only wants the best for your child. That's why our hammocks are manufactured with high quality and safety in mind. In the Qookie Swing your baby is well protected and safe all around. Here your darling will find calming and healthy sleep and you as a mom or dad can treat yourself to a well-deserved break and recharge your batteries.

    If you are not yet 100% convinced, you can also rent and test out our Qookie Swing . Choose the design of the cradle and frame yourself and decide whether you want to try out the motor right away.

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    Our hearts beat for family and child well-being, so we are happy to help you make the best decision for your little miracle.