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Buy Qookie Baby Swing Motor (& Frame) – With integrated scales

The Qookie hammocks are a real blessing - both for your baby and for you as a mom or dad. Your little one can sleep safely and securely and you can also take a little time out and recharge your batteries. If you choose the adjustable automatic motor, you don't have to sit next to the hanging cradle and push it until your little one falls asleep. The Qookie Cube moves the cradle all by itself - and at exactly the strength and for as long as you have set. The integrated scale is a further bonus and allows for pleasant, stress-free weighing.

Why choose a swing hammock with a motor (& frame)?

The Qookie Cube is the ideal addition to any spring cradle. The motor can be combined with our Qookie Swing as well as with any other hanging cradle currently available on the market. Set the motor using the timer and your baby will automatically be gently rocked up and down for 30 to 180 minutes. The Qookie Cube then switches off automatically. The remaining time is shown on the integrated display - you can adjust it at any time and thus extend the time or stop weighing.

The engine is designed for long-term use. So as your baby grows and becomes heavier, all you have to do is adjust the intensity of the drive so that your little one can enjoy the familiar rocking motion. You can also adjust the strength and range of the rocking movement to suit your pet's needs. In addition, the motor is completely quiet and quiet. This is how you give your sweetheart natural and restful baby sleep.

We deliver our Qookie Cube including power supply cable and safety rope for the spring. The motor works with all standard hammocks, so there is no need to use a special spring. Why don't you try out our Qookie Swing with frame and motor? Rent the model you want and see for yourself whether the motorized baby cradle delivers what it promises.

By the way, you can alsofreely configure our complete sets . If you don't want to wait any longer and are convinced that Qookie is the perfect choice for your little one, then stop by our shop now and put together your own individual hammock.

Qookie Cube - the spring cradle motor with integrated scales

Weighing babies can be quite adventurous and stressful - for both the little ones and the parents. They kick, fidget and sometimes whine loudly if the weighing takes too long. However, most scales do not provide reliable results when there are unsteady movements and in the end all the excitement was actually for nothing. What now?

Our Qookie Cube offers a wonderful solution here. The spring cradle motor has an integrated scale and promises uncomplicated and precise weighing of your little treasure. Even when the bassinet is in use or the baby moves, you get reliable results. This means that weighing is done without much fuss and you can keep a close eye on the healthy development of your little miracle.

Buy Qookie spring cradles motor now - directly from the manufacturer

Babies love to be rocked to sleep. The movement reminds them of the protected and safe time in the womb and helps them relax. The Qookie Cube mimics this natural and familiar rocking motion, creating a calming sleeping environment full of security and safety for your little one.

Since we are parents ourselves, family happiness and the well-being of children are our top priority. That's why we're happy to help you make the best decision for your little miracle so that he or she is completely happy and satisfied.

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